The Importance of Background Research and Methodology in Anthropology


Student-Faculty Seminar: Anthropology of Death

In the second and third modules, the importance of background research and methodology in anthropology was emphasized. The second module, led by Dr. Bender, focused on linguistics and the idea of death and language. The students in her module were told to find anthropological articles that focused on either language death or a particular culture’s discourse regarding death. Kelci, Jacob, and Beth did their presentation on language death, specifically associated with the Cherokee language. Their presentation began with well-organized background research. First, they discussed basic concepts and terms associated with language death. Next, they explained what language death was and how a language can become endangered. Finally, they went into what it means for the culture if its language were to die. The group also talked about how many languages there are in the world today and at what rate they were dying. The specific case study that was examined…

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